Michael Parker

Hello, my name is Michael Parker. I am a resident of the small town of Harrisburg, North Carolina. In my spare time I provide premium website design services to small and medium sized businesses. Over the years I have developed a unique combination of Fortune 500 business experience and a surprising knack for website design (surprising to me that is!). Combined, I've discovered that i'm able to create a beautiful and professional website for your business while also being able to help you integrate your business strategy into your online presence.

I offer 3 primary variations of website design services and of course customizations depending on your needs. I specialize in Opencart implementations and customizations. I specifically use the Opencart opensource eCommerce platform for nearly all my sites regardless of sophistication because it provides superior capability and capacity while also easily serving as the basis for simple sites.

My Website Design Services

  1. Essential Website Design - All the necessary elements of your online presence.
  2. Professional Website Design - Beautiful and professional with functionality based on your needs.
  3. eCommerce Website Design - Placing your storefront on every virtual corner in the world. Highly functional and flexible - ready for your growth.

Please Feel free to check out my work by viewing my Portfolio and if you find it appealing Shoot Me A Note. I will be happy to discuss your options, goals, needs, desires etc.

Thank You,
Michael Parker